One of the fastest growing segments of the "new" economy is the service sector. New service businesses are starting-up all the time creating new clients and opportunities for us. Wahackme Group has a long history of working with service companies.

These are a few of the assignments that our principals have closed in the business service sector:

Home Director, Inc$55,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Transcept, Inc.$8,300,000 Series D Convertible Preferred Stock 
Jedai Broadband Networks, Inc. $46,100,000 Convertible Preferred Stock
TeleKomNet, Inc.$4,200,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Transcept, Inc.$35,000,000 Series C Convertible Preferred Stock 
CommercialWare, Inc.  $5,700,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Tesia Corporation $2,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Health Dialog Services Corporation      $10,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
TechRx Incorporation $10,000,000 Common Stock 
Transcept, Inc. $16,900,000 Series B Convertible Preferred Stock 
ClientSoft, Inc. $11,100,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Zyan Communications, Inc. $2,700,000 Common Stock 
iClick Corporation $6,700,000 Common Stock 
Angram Business Services, Inc$2,300,000 Common Stock 
CommercialWare, Inc.$10,200,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Mercantec, Inc. $6,900,000 Convertible Preferred Stock and Warrants 
Cignal Global Communications, Inc. $11,900,000 Common Stock 
American Cellular Network Corp. $8,000,000 9% Convertible Preferred Stock 
Michigan National Corporation $10,000,000 Preferred Stock 
Chase Manhattan Corporation $50,000,000 2% Reverse S&P's 500 Indexed Notes 
Salomon Inc. $50,000,000 S&P's 500 Indexed Notes 
Transcept, Inc.  Advised on a JV investment by Crown Castle International Corp. 
Phoenix DataComm, Inc. 

Advised on the acquisition of StarTrak 

SmartServ Online, Inc. Advised on the licensing of technology to Data Transmission Networks Corporation 
Phoenix DataComm, Inc. Advised on the acquisition of Monitel Products 
Data Mining Tools Co. Advised on minority interest sale to a large public company 
SmarTel Communications, Inc. Advised on the sale of the company to SmarTalk TeleServices, Inc. 
Folksamerica Holding Company Advised on the acquisition of MONY Reinsurance Corporation 
American Cellular Network Corp. Advised on the sale of the company to Comcast, Inc. after a hostile tender offer by CCI Inc. 

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