As the healthcare sector is one of the most dynamic large segments of GDP, it produces numerous start-up and small businesses. Wahackme principals have done considerable work in the healthcare industry whether as an agent or as a principal in a venture capital or private equity capacity.

Members of Wahackme Group have worked with many large successful healthcare companies - usually when they were smaller. We are also fairly sector agnostic - having worked with equipment and device businesses as well as biotech, pharma and service companies. Our principals have handled IPO's for Stryker, Alexion, Cambrex and Positron and have worked on financings for Medarex, EntreMed, Health Dialog, TechRx, Minrad and Neuren, to name a few.


The following is a list of some of these assignments:  

Neuren Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. $6,700,000 PIPE 
Careside, Inc.$15,000,000 Common Stock - IPO
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.      $21,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
Medarex, Inc.$5,000,000 Common Stock
Positron Corporation$15,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
Cambrex Corporation$63,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
Stryker Corporation$12,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
Gynetics, Inc. Advised on sale of a product line to Barr Laboratory 
Omega Orthodontics, Inc. Advised on sale of company to Pentegra Dental Corporation 
International Vitamin Corporation    Advised on acquisition of Hall Laboratories 
Greenwich Pharmaceuticals Inc. Advised on the acquisition of Boston Life Sciences 
NuVim, Inc. $4,900,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Minrad, Inc. $2,300,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Health Dialog Services Corporation               $10,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
TechRx Incorporated $10,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
PrISMedical Corporation $3,500,000 Common Stock 
Gynetics, Inc. $11,500,000 Common Stock 
Careside, Inc.  $11,500,000 Common Stock 
EntreMed, Inc. $6,000,000 Common Stock 

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