Wahackme Group has a tradition of working with an assortment of industrial companies. Whether its paper and forest products companies like Mead, Scott Paper, Georgia Kraft or Interstate Paper; auto related businesses like TRW or J.P. Industries; chemical and fertilizer companies like Dow, ICI, CasChem, Rexene or First Mississippi or other industrial businesses like Kubota, American Steel & Wire, Mitsui or Brockway Glass, senior Wahackme Group bankers have experience and industry knowledge.


The following is a partial list of some of our prior industrial experiences:

American Steel & Wire Corporation $27,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
ZymTex, Inc. $18,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
J.P. Industries, Inc. $57,500,000 7.25% Convertible Subordinated Debentures 
The Mead Corporation $55,000,000 Common Stock 
Culp Inc. $14,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
The Mead Corporation $75,000,000 15.875% Notes 
Cherry Electrical Products Corporation                $18,000,000 Common Stock - IPO 
Kubota Ltd. $24,000,000 American Depositary Receipts 
TRW Inc. $100,000,000 9% Notes 
Brockway Glass Company, Inc. $35,000,000 8.75% Notes 
Flight Safety Technologies, Inc. $2,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Xanoptics, Inc$20,000,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Sure Power Corporation $13,600,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Actioneer, Inc. $6,200,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Enfish, Inc. $8,700,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
Anacon Systems, Inc. $2,800,000 Convertible Preferred Stock 
GraphOn Corporation $5,900,000 Common Stock 
Moog Inc. $20,000,000 10.25% Notes 
CasChem, Inc. $21,000,000 9% Convertible Preferred Stock 
Interstate Paper Corporation $50,000,000 Floating Rate Notes 
Georgia Kraft Corporation$50,000,000 8.75% Senior Notes 
Donn Incorporated $26,500,000 10.50% Senior Notes 
Robbins & Myers, Inc. $20,000,000 Adjustable Rate Notes 
First Mississippi Corp. $30,500,000 Senior Notes 
Brockway Glass Company, Inc. $40,000,000 8.75% Notes 
GraphOn Corporation Advised on the sale of the company to Unity First Corp. 
Revive Technologies, Inc. Advised on the sale of the company to Enterprise Software, Inc. 
FMC Gold Company Advised on the acquisition of Meridian Gold, a division of Burlington Resources 
J.P. Industries, Inc. Advised on the sale of the Briggs Plumbing & Weslock divisions to 2 buyers 
Moog Inc. Advised the company on the exchange of a division for a large block of stock held by the founder 
J.P. Industries, Inc. Advised on the acquisition of the automotive div. of Clevite Ind. 
CasChem Group, Inc. Advised on the acquisition of Cosan Chemical Corp. 
TRW Inc. Advised on the acquisition of Hartzell Propeller, Inc. 
Copeland Corporation Advised on the sale of the company to The Hillman Companies 
Donn Incorporated Advised on the acquisitions of Roblin Building Products Co. and Lisky Architectural Manufacturing, Inc. 

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